Is your website mobile ready?

Is your business ready for the mobile web? Don’t forget your brand when building your mobile site. Mobile sites are simpler and contain less information. Consumers want instant gratification when they turn to their mobile device to visit your site. Hence, they will need visual cues that tell them they are in the right place. If the mobile site looks familiar, they will feel more comfortable and browse longer. Using a good template allows you to maintain critical brand attributes while customizing your site for different devices. Whether your visitor is viewing your site on their desktop or their mobile device, it’s crucial to provide a consistent look and feel to your online presence.

The App Revolution Has Had an Evolution

Have you joined the App Revolution yet?  Or, are you stuck in indecision mode with trying to decide if your business needs one, what it can do for you and where to turn to get one made for your business?  Well, the days of expensive to develop, weeks-in-the-making, and then more money spent for changes to your App are gone.

BizMobi offers an ideal solution for small businesses.   It’s an evolution to the app revolution. We view your App as a living, dynamic marketing tool with the ability to adapt to the needs of your business.  After your App is live in the marketplace, our back office service allows all of your content additions, special offers, coupons, updates, unlimited messaging, analytics and more to be easily accessible and instantly updated 24 X 7!

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