Google Penalty for Over-optimized Sites

If you haven’t heard, Google is further adjusting their algorithm to target sites that are “over-optimized.”  Did you hear that, all you link-spamming spammers and article spinners?!  Watch out for the Penguin update.

What does this mean exactly?  If you want to read the news straight from Google, it’s on the Webmaster Central Blog. The goal is to sound natural (authentic) and not overly repetitive.  So, if you are keyword stuffing in content, links, titles, etc. or using spammy link methods (otherwise known as webspam to Google) prepare to move down in the ranks.

This is just more validation for regular folks just trying to make a good website.  In the past year Google has gotten really good at looking at your site and determining if you are authentic or not.  Authority-style blogs are the way to go these days.  That means lots of pages and posts related to your niche, with lots of valuable content that people like.  If you are consistently writing about your topic of expertise, then you will most likely be naturally using great keywords for your niche.  Apply some keyword strategies for titles, tags and a few natural links and you’ll be on your way to the top!  I use a seo plugin to help me.  You can check it out at

This year we will see Google continue to focus on quality content, user activity on a site and social proof in the determination of search engine results.  This means factors like the time spent on your site, the number of

Is your website mobile ready?

Is your business ready for the mobile web? Don’t forget your brand when building your mobile site. Mobile sites are simpler and contain less information. Consumers want instant gratification when they turn to their mobile device to visit your site. Hence, they will need visual cues that tell them they are in the right place. If the mobile site looks familiar, they will feel more comfortable and browse longer. Using a good template allows you to maintain critical brand attributes while customizing your site for different devices. Whether your visitor is viewing your site on their desktop or their mobile device, it’s crucial to provide a consistent look and feel to your online presence.

How Can I Use an App to bring in Customers?

There are a variety of ways to market to your customers with your app in order to bring them right to your door or website. Your monthly hosting includes unlimited messaging and coupons!
With the cell phone message open rate upwards of 97%, it’s an effective way to reach your customer and:

  • Put your Brand in their pocket 24/7 !
  • Advertise weekly specials
  • Give last-minute deals on a slow business day
  • Offer loyalty/rewards programs
  • Get viral sharing throught your customers (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp etc.)
  • Take appointments
  • Give up-to-the-minute info on events and happenings for your business
  • Stream your videos and podcasts
  • One-touch calling, GPS directions and more!

For more information on how BizMobi can help you reach both your current and your potential clients, contact us.



The App Revolution Has Had an Evolution

Have you joined the App Revolution yet?  Or, are you stuck in indecision mode with trying to decide if your business needs one, what it can do for you and where to turn to get one made for your business?  Well, the days of expensive to develop, weeks-in-the-making, and then more money spent for changes to your App are gone.

BizMobi offers an ideal solution for small businesses.   It’s an evolution to the app revolution. We view your App as a living, dynamic marketing tool with the ability to adapt to the needs of your business.  After your App is live in the marketplace, our back office service allows all of your content additions, special offers, coupons, updates, unlimited messaging, analytics and more to be easily accessible and instantly updated 24 X 7!

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